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Texfyt Indústria e Comércio is a Brazilian company, founded in 1999 with a joint venture between European companies: Texno S.r.l., Italy and Fytisa S.L., Spain.

Texfyt is located in Santa Barbara d'Oeste , 140 km from São Paulo. Texfyt focus is the design and manufacture of nonwoven solutions.

Their target is to ensure customer satisfaction and high quality of their products through continuous improvement of the global process.
For Texfyt is important the health and welfare of our employees and of the community, respecting the relative economic growth and the environment preservation.


Texfyt through a horizontal and business focused structure, ensure remarkable versatility of our production, allowing to propose different solutions for different applications: car interior trim parts, insulations and technical parts.

The company has partnerships for special finishes services, and logistics.

Texfyt main customers are located in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia. They have collaboration with the main OEM's producers located in Mercosur, as well as footwear and furniture industries.

Texfyt is certified ISO 9001 since May 2004.


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Rua do Café - 800
Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, SP/13454-171  <-- Map
Tel: +55 19 3516-1420 - Tel: +55 19 3516-1421 - Tel: +55 19 3516-1428 - Tel: +55 19 3516-1400
CNPJ: 02.580.185/0001-86